BIZ NEWS: Meet SA-born Brian Menell: Betting big on electric batteries

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JOHANNESBURG — South African-born mining veteran Brian Menell is shifting his focus to what looks set to become the next gold rush. Demand for minerals that make up batteries, for the likes of electric cars and other smart devices, is expected to soar over the next few years. Many minerals such as cobalt, lithium and tungsten are contained in modern batteries that have driven the globe’s tech revolution.

Miners have sat up and taken notice as the likes of Glencore has made big plays in the space. However, as Brian Menell in this interview explains, China has come to completely dominate the mining and supply of these key materials. But Brian — who is part of the Menell family that is well-known for having founded successful SA mining and industrial conglomerate the Anglovaal Group — sees new opportunities in tapping mining operations outside of China in order to provide an alternative source of these key minerals for the world’s ever-growing battery market. Menell, from his office in London, tells us more in this interview. – Gareth van Zyl


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